• Banked Oval Track


    Come and enjoy Carolina Adventure World's version of the off-road "Pocono" also known to the NASCAR world as the "The Tricky Triangle".

    Banked Oval Track
  • Three Banked Track


    With three banked turns, this track offers riders the opportunity to enjoy a change from the mud, trails and compete against themselves or other riders

    Three Banked Track
  • Open it up!


    Open it up and hit the Banked Oval Track, recognized by riders as one of their favorite attractions of the park.

    Open it up!
  • Banked Oval Track



    Banked Track
  • The Tricky Triangle



    The Tricky Triangle
  • Need for Speed



    Need for Speed
  • Oval Track



    Oval Track
  • Competiton on the track



  • Offroad Pocono



    Banked Oval Track
  • Bring It! Rent It! Ride It! Enjoy It!


    Carolina Adventure World

    Bring It! Rent It! Ride It! Enjoy It!