• Enduro


    Carolina Adventure World features a vintage Enduro course custom designed to challenge riders and enthusiasts of all levels.

    Custom Enduro
  • Enduro and track for all levels



    Enduro and tracks
  • Vintage Enduro Course


    Come practice your trail riding today and experience the Carolina Adventure World Enduro course as the premier location of Where To Ride.

    Vintage Enduro
  • 10 Miles of Dedicated Dirt Bike Trails


    Our single track dirt bike only Enduro trails will guide you through over 10 miles of to the "Top of the World" location at the park, the highest location in South Carolina North of Columbia.

    Dedicated Dirt Bike Trails
  • Bring your "A" Game



    Bring your A Game
  • Best Trail System in Southeast


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    Trail System
  • Pristin Views, Beaver Pond



    Beaver Pond
  • Bring It! Ride It! Enjoy It!



    Bring It!