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Park Rates and Riding Passes**:

: (including SC Sales tax)

ATVAdult Day Passes - 1 Day
ATVAdult Day Passes - 2 Days*
ATVAdult Day Passes - 3 Days*
ATVYouth Day Passes - 1 Day
ATVYouth Day Passes - 2 Days*
ATVYouth Day Passes - 3 Days*
ATVSpectator/Passenger Passes - 1 Day
ATVSpectator/Passenger Passes - 2 Days*
ATVSpectator/Passenger Passes - 3 Days*
ATVAnnual Passes - Adult
ATVAnnual Passes - Youth
No Initiation Fee for Annual passes.
Pay in monthly installments with E-Z pay (one time registration fee of $25.00 required for E-Z Pay)

Enjoy a full day of riding on our freshly groomed trails

There are no refunds on rental, camping and park passes due to weather. *Must be consecutive days. **Some passes may be upgradeable Please call Welcome Center for details. *2 day and 3 day passes must be consecutive days.

We are committed to providing the best possible riding experience as well as the safest. To accommodate our guests from all ages, skills and equipment preference please adhere to the following Park Rules & Regulations. Please be courteous and considerate of your fellow riders, and help keep our children safe. For more details, please visit Rules and Regulations.

Special Announcement:  Carolina Adventure World can no longer include Recovery Services in the price of admission. Recovery Services will still be available at an hourly rate. Recovery rate is $50.00 per hour. Minimum one-half hour ($25.00). Additional personnel and/or equipment will be charged accordingly. Recovery Charges start when dispatched and include necessary time to locate unit. Recovery Charges end when CAW personnel check back in.

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