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  • Now you can purchase Carolina Adventure World gift cards online or at the Welcome Center. Gift cards will be mailed to your address via US Postal Service Registered Mail. Signature required. Cards are available in $25, $50, $75, $100, and $200 increments. They can be reloaded with additional money if needed.

    If you need an amount other than these listed below, please contact Guest Services at Carolina Adventure World.

    1. Click on the "ORDER NOW" button below by the value of the card that you are wanting to order.
    2. On the next screen, Fill in the TO, FROM, MESSAGE for the card and click "CONTINUE"
    3. On the next screen, verify the card amounts to purchase and click "CONTINUE"
    4. On the next screen fill in NAME, ADDRESS, EMAIL, and CREDIT CARD information, and click "CONTINUE" to order your card. An email will be sent to the email address listed and your gift card will be mailed to the address you entered.

    Please note that a $4.00 service fee will be added to those cards purchased online for handling.
    Gift Card Value
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    $25.00 Gift Card Resv
    $50.00 Gift Card Resv
    $75.00 Gift Card Resv
    $100.00 Gift Card Resv
    $200.00 Gift Card Resv

    Contact Us today to assist you in selecting Carolina Adventure World as your next destination.