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Carolina Adventure World features the nation's premier drag strip for outdoor off-road ATV, UTV and dirt bike enthusiasts. Come and check out the 300', lighted and timed drag strip with over 700 feet to stop. We are proud to feature this addition to our park amenities and attractions.

Come and be a spectator from the stands, race your riding partners when you visit or compete in our bracket races under the lights. We are "Where To Ride" and "Where To Drag".

Drag Strip Bracket Racing at Carolina Adventure World
Why bracket racing and not heads up racing?

Bracket racing lets racers of all levels compete in an electronically timed side by side race based on rider & machine performance, not just entirely on horsepower.
Here’s how it works, let’s say your best qualifying run is 6.5 seconds, and another racers time is 6.0 seconds. Simply put you would get a.5 second head start. Now the details, during practice you want to see how fast you can go consistently, the idea is to dial in (choose a time) slightly faster than your best qualifying time, the reason for that is you want to go as fast as possible, without breaking out (going faster than your stated time) if you break out and your opponent doesn’t you lose! If you both break out the one that breaks out by the most loses. So now you have dialed in next you go thru staging, this is the point where you are paired with the other racers closest to your ET. (Elapsed time) The starter will motion you towards the starting line, as you slowly move toward the line; watch the white lights at the top of the Christmas tree. As soon as they light up stop! You are now staged and ready to race. When both lanes are staged the countdown starts the yellow lights on the tree flash down, the green light shines and you are racing! As you come to the end of the track the timers record your miles per hour & ET. As soon as you have slowed to a safe speed turn onto the designated return lane, and make your way slowly back to the staging area. Positions will have been determined and you will be instructed were to line up for your next run!

We are committed to providing the best possible riding experience as well as the safest. To accommodate our guests from all ages, skills and equipment preference please adhere to the following Park Rules & Regulations. Please be courteous and considerate of your fellow riders, and help keep our children safe. For more details, please visit Rules and Regulations.

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